Approved by FCFTC on May 13, 2000
Revised by the FCFNTC on May 17, 2014

Objective 1:To develop a comprehensive plan that:

evangelizes and disciples students;

is centered on Christian character formation and spiritual disciplines;

is modeled and consistently practiced by staff, faculty and student believers;

is integrated with curriculum design and extracurricular activities;

so that students become faithful disciples, ambassadors of Christ and servant leaders.

Objective 2:To establish a bilingual (Chinese and English) educational institution that has:

bicultural board, faculty and operational team;

bilingual educational program;

so that all students will be able to communicate effectively,    orally and in writing, both in   Chinese and English.

Objective 3:To recruit and maintain a faculty of faithful Christians who are:

academically and spiritually qualified;

competent and participating in continuing programs of spiritual and professional development;

committed to student development;

so that students grow in Christian Character and become competent professionals and lifelong learners.

Objective 4:To provide a curriculum and extra-curricular activities that:

a、 integrate faith and learning;
b、 balance theory and practical application;
c、 teach and motivate how to learn;
d、 are continually being assessed and updated;

so that students become lifelong learners and competent professionals.

Objective 5:To build credibility in the broader academic community by:

a、 offering quality academic education;
b、 regularly evaluating and revising the educational program based on the common standards of the academic community;

so that students are nurtured, the college is a college of choice and the name of Christ is

Objective 6:To provide a ministry training program so that students:

a、 discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts;
b、 and are equipped as Christ-like leaders;

so that they can impact the church, community and society through their active service.


Objective 7:To Provide a campus that features:      

a、 modern facilities;
b、 quality resources;
c、 current technology in instruction and management;

so that the curriculum is enhanced, student needs are met and the college's goals are accomplished.

Objective 8:To maintain a campus environment that provides a shepherding and caring relationship between:

a、 faculty,
b、 staff,
c、 and students.

So that students will grow into spiritual, mental, and emotional maturity.

Objective 9:  To create, maintain and implement a development plan that:

a 、 establishes a roadmap for the long term development of the school;
b、 creates a broad base of active prayer support for the college and its ministries;
c、 grows the student enrollment and extends the ministry of the college;
d、 provides the necessary financial and human resources;

so that the mission and vision of the college can be accomplished.